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The most prevalent misconception encircling fiberglass pools and disseminated by competitors in Gunite pools or Vinyl Liner pools is the fact that Fiberglass pools pop or float out from the ground. Question the sales rep what sort of pool with 80 tons of water inside it pops out from the soil?

The truth is that the fiberglass pool isn’t any more prone to pop or float then a gunite or vinyl liner pool. In reality, any watertight item will float when there is more water below it than in it. Swimming pools are only able to float when they’re drained and the water beneath the pool puts upward pressure since there is no water inside the pool.

Exactly why might you have to drain a swimming pool? Gunite pools need repeated draining to get rid of cracks, acid wash, clean stains and re-plaster the pool. Likewise, vinyl liner pools have to be drained to switch liners or repair liners. Fiberglass pools carry a lifetime guarantee and never need resurfacing so it is not necessary to empty the pool. Therefore the final result is the fact that a host more of additional gunite and vinyl pools float compared to fiberglass; do not be deceived.

Any person worried about water underneath the pool should seek advice from their pool dealer and have a straightforward drain installed to ensure that water underneath the pool may be watched and drained if required. There’s a wide variety of options so there should never be any harm to any kind of pool as a result of high water levels underneath the pool.

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